While Harry Reid Cowers, Chris Dodd Threatens Filibuster

After waging an all-out war against the Bush administration and leaders of his own party, Sen. Chris Dodd, achieved a legislative victory on Monday, halting President Bush’s attempt to rush a Senate vote on a bill granting retroative amnesty to companies accused of illegally spying on American citizens.

Dodd said in a statement:

“Today we have scored a victory for American civil liberties and sent a message to President Bush that we will not tolerate his abuse of power and veil of secrecy. The President should not be above the rule of law, nor should the telecom companies who supported his quest to spy on American citizens.”

Halting the amnesty bill was also a victory for the netroots, which ferociously backed Dodd’s legislative strategy and pressed spineless HarryReid, who ultimately backed down by announcing he would delay the vote until January. Over half a million people lobbied against the bill via email, Democratic bloggers rallied support and pressed the presidential candidates.

MoveOn targetted specific Senators to back Dodd’s efforts.

Sen. Chris Dodd is a genuine American patriot and hero. He’s courageous and strong and embodies the values and principles of what it means to be a Democrat. If this presidential thing doesn’t work out for Dodd, perhaps in 2008 he could become the new Democratic Majority Leader?

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16 Responses to While Harry Reid Cowers, Chris Dodd Threatens Filibuster

  1. feminazi says:

    Senator Chris Dodd is a good man. I’ve supported him in in the past and I think he’s been good for Connecticut. The spineless 110th Congress could use a few dozen more like Sen. Dodd.

  2. Harry says:

    Alright, Chris Dodd! Well what do you know? A democrat with balls? Besides Russ Feingold I didn’t think the Dems had anyone with balls?

  3. Larry says:

    Too bad the media have already anointed Hillary as the winner. Dodd would make a decent alternative.

  4. reid is a waste, as is pelosi
    it is so refreshing to see someone with guts, balls and courage

    i always liked dodd — this should improve his standing — and you are right — perhaps Senate Majority Leader

    i hope Dodd IGNORES his fellow CT senator — Traitor Joe

  5. FranIAm says:

    Dodd does have balls. While there are things I disagree with him about, I do think he is a stand up guy and has actual morals. (While readers of this blog already know this- being “anti-gay and anti-abortion” are not values, they are positions and sad ones at that.)

    I read the book he published earlier this year, of his own father’s time at the Nuremberg trial. It is interesting to see how that impacted Dodd. It gave him insight and courage I believe.

    Such characteristics are generally eschewed by the superficial and pathetic politics of our nation.

    Good for Dodd on this one!

  6. TOM339 says:

    The American people and the U.S. Senate take pride in the actions and leadership of Senator Chris Dodd.

    Thank you, Senator Chris Dodd.

    You are a decent man and a good American. The 110th Congress is heavily populated with cowards and fools, like Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid and Princess Pelosi. Why do these people find it so difficult to standup for what’s right and honorable? Over and over, they just lay down in the road and give Bush what he wants. Are they lazy or just incompetent?

    True leadership from the 110th Congress has become so rare that when we see it, it stands out like a sore thumb. It shouldn’t be like this.

    Perhaps the clown, Harry Reid, will take a page from Senator Dodd’s book of leadership and find a spine next year?

  7. Mary Ellen says:

    I hope this gives Dodd a bounce in the polls. I think there are a lot of people out there looking for an alternative to the top tier that has already been anointed by the media.

  8. DCVET says:

    Three cheers for Sen. Dodd!

    Hip, hip, HORRAY!
    Hip, hip, HORRAY!
    Hip, hip, HORRAY!

    Well done, Sir!

  9. Eggroll says:

    Defending the Constitution is so passe, so pre-9/11. Just look at Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi is you think I’m joking. They’re chief job is tearing off the lengths of bath tissue and then taking turns to wipe Bush’s ass after he has a bowel movement.

    Not so with Senator Dodd.

    This American senator opposed the do-nothing majority in his party and made a decision to uphold this nation’s governing document and the rule of law. Foreign concepts to the Democratic leadership chaired by Reid and Pelosi.

    Let Senator Dodd’s actions stand as an invaluable lesson in democracy for his Democratic colleagues who don’t have a clue about how to govern and legislate.

  10. The Heretic says:

    How could Chris Dodd not threaten to filibuster the telecom immunity bill?


    – The Sunday New York Times article revealed new details of the National Security Agency’s domestic eavesdropping program, the lawyer for an AT&T engineer alleges that “within two weeks of taking office, the Bush administration was planning a comprehensive effort of spying on Americans’ phone usage.”

    – In a New Jersey federal court case, the engineer claims that AT&T sought to create a phone center that would give the NSA access to “all the global phone and e-mail traffic that ran through” a New Jersey network hub.

    Harry Reid was willing to look the otherway on this and not act. For this (and other failures) the voters of Nevada must defeat him.

  11. Rachel says:

    Woo hoo! I awaken to good news for once coming from the Democratic majority in the Congress! I can’t enough good things about Chris Dodd. In fact, I plan to send his campaign a donation as a way of saying “thank you.” Way. To. Go!

  12. I’ve been hearing the word INTEGRITY lately and was wondering if that word could describe anyone in government…

  13. Jenna Bush Stole My ID says:

    You know how the Repugs will play this: the Democrats are aiding the turrists, and tying Bush’s hands in the “war on terrorism.” We’ve heard this how many times?

  14. This is great news ! yay Dodd. Now people please hit the link and go right away to Bluebloggin for a detailed post on Wexler’s and the House Judiciary Comm outcry to the NETROOTs to get Impeachment Hearings underway NOW. It is urgent pass this along. I also have a post on it, but not as detailed as ny texan’s.

  15. Boogieman says:

    Why are 99.9% of Dumbos afraid of George W. Bush?

    The guy is a 165lbs. punk who would run for cover under Laura’s slirt if you said, “boo.” I don’t get it.

  16. Harry says:

    Chris Dodd was on Hardball last night. He’s a great guy.

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