Big Time Loss for Bush in Australia

The conservative era is officially over in Australia.

Labor leader Kevin Rudd unseated Prime Minister John Howard in elections Saturday, ending an 11-year conservative era and promising major changes to policies on global warming and his country’s role in the Iraq war. Rudd’s victory is seen as a huge loss for George Bush.

Rudd, a 50-year-old former diplomat who speaks fluent Chinese, urged voters to support him because Howard was out of touch with modern Australia and ill-equipped to deal with new-age issues such as climate change.

Rudd said he would withdraw Australia’s 550 combat troops from Iraq and promises to immediately sign the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas emissions. When he does so, the United States will stand alone as the only industrialized country not to have signed the pact.

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16 Responses to Big Time Loss for Bush in Australia

  1. can the world be waking up to foolhardiness of bush ass-lickers

    first poland, now australia

    Nancy Pelosi — can you read the tea leaves……

  2. Harry says:

    We have Australian friends who loathed John Howard. They called him the “Poodle from Oz.” Looks like all Bush has left is Vanuatu.

  3. TOM339 says:

    Pelosi doesn’t have a brain in her plastic surgery-altered head.

    Why she continues to enable this pathetic excuse for a (p)resident remains one of life’s great mysteries. Right up there with what became of the Incas.

  4. DMason says:

    I hate this era in history and I hate conservatives.

  5. FranIAm says:

    Another one bites the Bush-dust. Here is a good Aussie blog if you are interested…Ribbed For Your Pleasure by Mountjoy

  6. Larry says:

    Maybe Bush will attack them since they no longer have a puppet for Bush to control.

  7. mirth says:

    This is such good nows…and don’t we need summa that?!

  8. Jim says:

    At least they have some sense in Australia!

  9. taco says:

    At least they have some sense in Australia!

    It only took Australia 12 years to wise up.

    John Howard is a rightwing, homophobe. He and Bush are like salt and pepper shakers. Let’s hope in 2008 Americans wake up to the conservative nightmare too.

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  11. BuddyGoodness says:

    Yes, I sure hope we wake up here in the US but chances are we will not because we are too comfortable in our hedonistic lifestyles over here to be able to understand truth when we see it. Instead we are like mindless sheep being lead to the slaughter. We are frightened and deceived around every turn and the majority of us cannot see the forest from the trees.

  12. Supun says:

    As, an australian i think your failing to see the local issues. The reason John Howard lost was because of his Industrial Relations reform, his hubris and thte thought of Peter Costello being Prime Minister. For most people, Iraq had nothing to do with how they voted. see here:

  13. DONALDO GOMEZ says:

    No matter how you cut it, bush has lost an ally…we must be grateful the Aussies are moving in two positive and inter-related directions. It is useless sophistry to belittle the Australian voter. They have elected someone from the 21st century who speaks fluent Chinese….in an of itself….a proud moment for the entire western political scenario….

  14. Roads says:

    It didn’t take an election, but here in the UK we’ve swapped Bush-centric Blair for Bush-phobic Brown.

    Good trade.

  15. Liza Paizis says:

    Hey…this has been the best thing that has happened here in Oz for a long while – Democracy in action: the people have spoken, and let’s not forget that it is COMPULSORY to vote in this country…not a bad thing considering it gets people off their backsides and into the polling stations to actually implement much needed change.
    A vote is a precious thing and should always be used, and used wisely !!!! being an expat South African I feel extra strongly on the power of one person’s vote –
    so many do not have this opportunity – here’s hoping there will be many more productive elections in the near future.

  16. Shawn says:

    However in France, they’ve swapped Chirac, for a Bush-diver Sarkozy.

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