Is Condi Rice a Lesbian?

There have long been rumors about Condi Rice’s sexual orientation. When Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) made reference in a senate hearing that Condi wouldn’t have children, so she would never be faced with making the ultimate sacrifice of losing a son or daughter to war, many Beltway insiders assumed Boxer had taken a swipe at Condi’s closeted gay life and indirectly outed her.

Recently, author Michelangelo Signorile sat down with Washington Post diplomatic correspondent Glenn Kessler, whose new book, The Confidante: Condoleezza Rice and the Creation of the Bush Legacy, for an interview. The revelations were, stunning, to say the least.

Most note worthy is the news that Rice’s “closest male friend” is openly gay, a man by the name of Coit D. Blacker, a Stanford professor (Rice served as the provost as Stanford in the late 1990s for six years) and a Democrat who served in the Clinton administration. Blacker, whose partner is also mentioned, advised Al Gore’s campaign in 2000, while his close friend Rice served as a chief confidante for a president who has tried to make gays into second class citizens in the U.S. Constitution.

But here’s the kicker.

Rice’s “closest female friend” is a woman named Randy Bean, who is unmarried and whose sexual orientation is not stated. She is described as a “liberal progressive;” and a documentary filmmaker who works at Stanford University. She and Rice and Blacker (again, who has a partner) are discussed as a “second family,” a term Bean uses, also saying that, “on friends, [Rice] goes narrow and deep.”

According to newly revealed information in the book (which Kessler found through real estate records), the two women, Rice and Bean (yes, hilarious), own a home together and have a line of credit together. Bean explains this to Kessler by saying that she had some medical bills that drained her financially years ago, and Rice and Blacker helped her out by buying the house with Bean. But over time Blacker sold his share of the house to Rice and Bean, and then Rice would later get the line of credit with Bean to do some renovations on the home. Kessler, when pressed, said he did not know if this meant there was something more to the relationship between the women beyond a friendship.

If Condi Rice is a lesbian, what angers many liberals and progressives both in and outside the LGBT community is, Rice has made a professional career of working for the most vehemently homophobic presidential administration in history. Remember, it was Condi’s boss, George W. Bush, who is an advocate of a Constitutional amendment to make gay marriage illegal in all 50 states.

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49 Responses to Is Condi Rice a Lesbian?

  1. philny says:

    I listened to the show yesterday as well Chris. We all knew she was. Notice how silent she is on anything to do with civil rights? She stays in the backround.

  2. feminazi says:

    How powerful if Condi had come out and forced the administration’s views of on such issues as gay marriage? Instead, she remained closeted and a staunch defender of the radical, rightwing views of her boss and his religious supporters. For that alone, Condi is scum.

  3. phil_in_ny says:

    She is. Can you imagine if she ran for President?..BTW, my blog is fixed. I had some problems there for a second.

  4. feminazi says:

    Phil – Now it makes sense. If Condi had ran for president, her lesbianism would’ve come out. Can you imagine voters in Texas or Utah getting wind of this? They would destroyed her.

  5. Harry says:

    I knew it. It’s like learning Rosie O’Donnell is a lesbian. I mean, duh! 🙂

  6. JollyRoger says:

    I haven’t forgotten her “husband” gaffe a few years ago.

    You simply do not make a “mistake” when you say something like that. Imagine yourself describing somebody you work for as your “husband” or “wife.” Unless they actually ARE a spouse, you can’t do it, can you?

    Whatever she may be doing these days, I am quite certain she’s slept with at least one male of the species.

  7. Woodcliffe says:

    Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Condi Rice.

    This pathetic woman joins the long pantheon of Republican closet cases unable to be honest about who they are because the GOP’s “big tent” is too small to accomodate gay Americans.

    Condi’s made her choice. May she enjoy it.

  8. Larry says:

    Condi is like the rest of the Republican elite, they espouse one thing and secretly live another.

    I would assume Condi is dining on both sides of the table, while waiting on her Georgie to be free.

  9. Perhaps Condi and the other Republican hypocrites aren’t gay. Maybe they are just like the Roman aristocrats, who had sex with anything that moved. For them, it was just another power play, another privilege.

  10. Larry says:


    Check out this article from Huffingtonpost on the same issue.

  11. RAnthony80 says:

    WHY IS IT that those that say they stand up for the gay population is always so egar to attack and hurt people who are gay. And they are always the first to call someone gay as an insult?

  12. Jim says:

    Why can’t these people just be honest and stop enabling the gay haters (AKA Republicans)?

  13. Christopher says:

    Thanks for the link, Larry.

  14. dad2059 says:

    fitnessfortheoccasion makes a valid point about D.C. Beltway politics in it’s present form. It’s very Imperial Rome indeed.

    As for Madam Supertanker’s sexual orientation, the hypocracy probably didn’t even register in her view screen. Elitists, or elitist wannabes believe laws and mores of society are meant for the ignorant masses, not for “enlightened” beings as themselves.

    They truly believe they are better.

  15. well as i usually do on friday nights i watched Moyers journal which replayed some of Rice’s testimony to the senate committee on the facts leading up to war – the PDB, the firing of Richard Clark etc. Now frankly i believe 911 was absolutely an inside job – as for Rice she was beyond arrogant..i mean dang. Her complete distain for the Senate was breathtaking..calling them “mr” instead of senator and generally acting like she held the high cards and they can stuff it. Her sexuality – my bet is she has a devil fetish of some kind – she sure runs with an evil circle. Damn her and the entire BushCo Cabinet to hell (i wish i really believed there was a hell ) for what they have done to our government, and the American people and our culture. Damn all the closest cases in Washington for selling out at least 10% of our population. And damn the Dems too, for being complicit. They all are busy creating hell on earth right now.

  16. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organization says:

    When they convene an International War Crimes Tribunal and issue writs of indictment for Rice, Powell, Ribbentrop, Rumsfield, Gates, Keitel, Cheney, Bush, Goering and Hitler, will her mate stand by her.

  17. jweaver says:

    Why does it matter what her orietation is? It truly is only you “unjudgemental and welcoming” leftists that go around outing people and destroying lives. Do you have any real reason why it would matter what she does in private? And if it does, then is it not true that the left now, no longer values privacy and all words to the opposite is just hypocritical b.s.?

  18. nytexan says:

    It doesn’t matter what she does in her private life, that’s her business. What every seems to get except for the GOP is the hypocrisies of these GOP closeted gays.

    They stand by and watch gays vilified, killed and minimized as second class citizens. It is disgusting. That’s why they are outed, it’s not because “liberals” have nothing else to do with their time.

    Here’s an example you might get. Collin Powell is African American everyone knows it but he pretends he is not. He stands quite while his community is vilified. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the African American community would be pissed..

    BTW:I didn’t pick Rice for that example because she sits still on all civil rights issues.

  19. gay kitten says:

    Who the f*** really cares? As long as she gets the job done.

    Oh, Miss Thang gets the job done alright.

    Working for the most homophobic administration in history, she’s a cunt hypocrite and who is a butcher version of Larry Craig.

  20. kazim says:

    i know for a fact she has it with animals as doesbush. i know this because des browne tried to make me sleep with her because of her so called academic excellance which turned out to be shite . if i was from a e. minority and had aided in such a way i would be suicidal. george bush is a piss taking murderous callous cruelle dictator and she id shite . were not freinds. im friends with the green party. disaster capitaism rocks classicisms.

  21. jeff larrabee says:

    always suspected she was a muffin chewer! what a hypocrite! jeff, (france)

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  23. Me says:

    OMG…I really think all of you are jumping to conclusions. I think she’s been doing the President this whole time. She called the man her husband in conversation with some other powerbrokers. It makes me sick that people think she’s a dyke just because she’s not married and loves sports. Alot of black women are not married. I’m a 30 ish black woman whose never been married and really has no desire to share my space in that manner. I’ve felt that way since I was 11 years old. I guess when I’m Condi’s age, people will call me a dyke too-although I love men and sports. People call Oprah and Hillary Clinton dykes. All powerful women are dykes, I guess.
    She’s 54 years old…I’m sure Barbara Boxer was talking about her age moreso than anything. I am an Obama supporter too and Christopher I love you so much but man, I think you’re wrong on this one.

  24. mizzday says:

    It is a well known fact that there is a shortage of eligible black men for black women in this country. The more education and power, the less of a chance a black woman has of marrying. Having said that. Most black men seem to avoid dating intelligent black women especially women like condi rice. It is also a fact that there are many black women who are just not attracted to white men, so they opt to remain single when they cannot find a suitable black male.
    Condaleeza rice is burdened with a lot of responsibility. Would you really want a woman in her position who has to split her time between the drama of a relationship and national security? I am so tired of people assuming that women who choose to pay attention to their careers of being closet homosexuals. It is especially interesting that almost every single black woman of interest to the media is questioned about her sexuality.

  25. kuei says:

    Condoleezza Rice IS a lesbian. She displays all of the traits, including the gap between the front teeth. This is a very good sign of homosexuality.

  26. American Ron says:

    LOL… a gap between her teeth makes her gay. Every black football player in the NFL must be gay. Try telling them that. And btw…. I’m a conservative American and i bash no one. Two of my best friends for 40 yeas are a gay partners and life is life.

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  28. MBADave says:

    I’d rather Bush consumed his marriage amendment time making Marriage constitutionally none of the Government’s business. Strike all laws referencing marriage from the federal register and the Tax code. Marriage is a private matter between individuals, not a group thing between the individuals and the government. Private relationships between individuals are absolutely NONE of the government’s business. Government should just get out of the marriage business. This way, the government can favor no one group over another. Why does anyone care if the government recognizes their relationship in the first place? YOU recognize it… that’s all that matters. Unless… its an “entitlements” thing… this is a completely separate issue that likewise has nothing to do with relationships.

  29. Tim says:

    Why would she want to come out. Being gay is embarrassing. Like coming out saying your in an incestuous relationship or having sex with your dog. Nothing to be proud of.

  30. Tim, go die slowly 🙂 You are surrounded by gay people. It’s not new or unusual…so deal the fuck with it!

  31. BitterEXdemocrackkk says:

    GWB the most ‘vehemently homophobic’ President? HUH? just how is that?

  32. misy says:

    I still can’t get past the “Rice and Bean” comment!!!

  33. Vimbai Kamoyo says:

    Gays are worse than pigs and gogs. That is what we say in Zimbabwe.

  34. TTT1200 says:

    Vimbai Kamoyo – You’re a stupid nigger ape. That’s what we say in America.

  35. Pryz Fytr says:

    Of course, the lefties (I am a former Democrat, now independent) gave Obama NO FLACK AT ALL for his stance on gay marriage. Obama changed his mind when it became convenient to do so. I personally think that we should be able to marry whomever we wish, and multiple folks, if we want.

  36. Jorge Cantinas says:

    Where there’s so much smoke, there is fire. But let’s hope she is not gay, (although she must be), because she’s so homely and was an total intellectual lightweight as Secretary of State. The ultimate example of Equal Opportunity.. Incompetent as Hell. No wonder she and George got along so famousy. They have the same I.Q.

  37. jack says:

    President Bush isn’t homophobic..phobia implies fear..we don’t fear homos..we hate their behavior..I hope shes not a fag because then she would be a disgusting sinner

  38. Jack,

    You’re speaking for former President Bush now? You really do have a self-aggrandized ego and sense of your own important.

    As for Condi being a “fag” and a “sinner” if she’s a lesbian, 99.8% of straight men are aroused by lesbian behavior. What are you then, a guy who fantasizes about screwing his dead mommy?

  39. Thomas Kuhn says:

    You don’t have to be homophobic to be against gay marriage. Civil unions are fine but marriage goes against many religious beliefs. Religious freedom is the 1st amendment and what the country was based on. Civil unions can have all the legal status of marriage. As for whether Condi is gay or not is nobody’s business. As the class lady she is her sex life is private as it should be for everyone.

  40. Richard HS says:

    Jorge Cantinas claims Condi is an “intellectual lightweight”. Maybe he will honor us by publicly providing his IQ and accomplishments. What say you Jorge?

  41. Linda says:

    Speaking for myself from the right side…. It makes no difference to me that Condi is female, black or if she’s straight, lesbian or celibate. She’s a highly educated, respectable LADY in every sense of the word. She’s amazing and I wish she had been on the ticket in ’08 and again in ’12. Her priorities are what’s best for this nation, NOT private agendas, be it abortion, gender, race, same sex relationships etc. Her concern is WHAT’S BEST FOR THIS GREAT NATION.

  42. Siddiq Abdu al Hakim says:

    Dear C. Rice,
    We love and respect you for who you are.
    And for every contribution you have made which has had a positive effect on the world at large; We thank you!

  43. curtis says:

    Condi is a breath of fresh air for black people. Her work for the Bush Administration helps sweeten just a little) the vile bile spewed by Sharpton and Jackson both of who stole any remaining dignity blacks had when they voted for their lives to be legislated by the Civil Rights Act.


  45. Bjoern Ricee says:

    Meine Schwester hat sich Meine Bisexuellen phantasien geduldig und verständnisvoll , gemeinsam mit Freunden der CIA angehört rt. VORWÜRFE, nimmt der Björn sehr gerne genauso wie Kritiken alleine entgegen.Ich hasse es wenn ihr MEINEN SCHWARZEN ANGEL vorschiebt, only weil ihr meint die ist softer.das ist bei uns2 das selbe, sie dreht nur slower high.mitleid have we both nada.we do only wg sureness so.C.I and other Götter love Us both…later more.

  46. BjoernRicee says:

    Nein, aufgrund meiner metaphysischen praktizierenden sehr Grünglichen Vergleiche zwischen dem DSM4(USA) und ICD10 Neue Welt sind die definitonen Glasklar.Detaillierte Grunderkenntnisse und weiter sowie Tieferführende noch Neuere Kenntnisse können bei mir schriftlich angefordert werden . Anschrift bei Dr. C. Rice zu bekommen ,wenn nsie mag.wenn nicht dann nicht. Ich Liebe Dich so sehr,das es den Grad der Gefährdung lange überschritten hat.Bei Moi jedenfalls schon lange und bei Engelchen Condy Lange.Telephatisches Vulnerabilitätsküsschen später. I Love You So te Quiero.DEIN Björn Bjoern Bjoerny

  47. Michele says:

    Honestly who cares if she is or isn’t. I’m more impressed with her academic & political achievements, as far as civil rights she grew up during Jim Crow’s Laws I’m sure her life in those days was hell let her enjoy her accomplishments, what have you done with your life?

  48. Mariane says:

    How pathetic that you would try to diminish Condi Rice by making these insinuations against a proven leader, a committed Christian and a woman of so many varied interests that it puts most of us to shame. Condi is too smart, too savvy, too well-grounded to put herself at risk by involving herself in a life-style that is completely at odds with what she believe and practices. Had any ot these things been true, they most assuredly would have come out during her confirmation as Secretary of State. Her life is an open book and she’s never made any effort to maintain a secret life on the side. If she were a Democrat, all of you dissenters would be praising her to the high heavens and would have drafted her to run for president years ago.

  49. “If Condi Rice is a lesbian, what angers many liberals and progressives both in and outside the LGBT community is, Rice has made a professional career of working for the most vehemently homophobic presidential administration in history. Remember, it was Condi’s boss, George W. Bush, who is an advocate of a Constitutional amendment to make gay marriage illegal in all 50 states.”

    Well DUH!!! It was the Clintons who enthusiastically endorsed and passed the DOMA with almost unanimous support from the Democrats.

    MY, leftists hate history!!!

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