Ted Nugent Threatens to Kill Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Has-been rocker and NRA board member, Ted Nugent, went on a vicious onstage rant in which he threatened the lives of Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Rolling Stone reports:

Renegade right-winger Ted Nugent recently went on a vicious onstage rant in which he threatened the lives of Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Decked out in full-on camouflage hunting gear, Nugent wielded two machine guns while raging, “Obama, he’s a piece of shit. I told him to suck on my machine gun. Hey Hillary,” he continued. “You might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bitch.” Nugent summed up his eloquent speech by screaming “freedom!”

From the Left will be monitoring the FBI to see if they take action against this gun-loving lunatic for threatening the lives of two Democratic candidates for president or whether they look the other way as the agency did in the case of Ann Coulter, after she threatened the life of a sitting Supreme Court judge.

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41 Responses to Ted Nugent Threatens to Kill Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

  1. Larry says:

    Nugent is the lovechild of Fox News and is always spewing his filthy guile with them.

    Why isn’t he in prison like anyone else would be for making these threats?

  2. feminazi says:

    Oh. My. God! No wonder Michelle Obama said she was against Barack running for president. This kook is encouraging his fans to murder the Democratic front runners and no one is doing a thing about it. Nugent, who I’ve never heard of, should be arrested and charged under Bush’s USA Patriot Act. Why hasn’t the FBI picked him up? If he’s insane then he needs psychiatric help. If he’s sane, then he’s dangerous.

  3. phil_in_ny says:

    White trash!!!!!….Yuck!…You gotta love these trailer park types. I think Ted Nugent just learned to read.

  4. TOM339 says:

    Good points all…..

    Where IS the FBI on this? Nugent threatens to kill Obama and Clinton and he isn’t arrested? Does he have friends in high places pulling for him?

  5. mbmdl says:

    Nugent needs to be arrested and questioned before he can carry out his threats of violence or before he’s able to encourage his stupid followers to commit acts of violence.

  6. Shane says:

    “Terroristic Threats”…exactly what he’s doing and exactly why he should be in prison. The republicans use this little advantage of the patriot act (not capitalized on purpose) to THEIR advantage all the time. It’s time we start using it as well.

  7. Harry says:

    Mary Beth is said it best. By saying this, Nugent is encouring his zombie followers to commit murder.

  8. bliss says:

    The trailer park crazies have taken over the country!

  9. nytexan says:

    I find it inexcusable and reprehensable for anyone to threaten any of the candidates, democrate or republican.

    I would be shocked if the FBI let this slide. I’m sure the Secret Service will be more on top of this then the FBI. After all it’s their guys who have to take the bullet.

    Nugent is probably the one who got the Secret Service concerned about earlier undisclosed threats on Obama.

    I hope they plan on watching him. Crap what am I saying Uncle George is watching all of us.

  10. William Hampton says:

    Osama,Obama, and your Momma (Hillary Rotten Clinton) they all qualify as America’s greatest threat. Also, Kerry, Kennedy, Murtha, and Pelosi….ugh !! What a bunch of ass hole Liberals that boost the terrorist ego’s. Carter too…

    Wake up America !!!

  11. Ash says:

    Let me start by saying William Hampton your a fucking moron.

    And yeah this trailer trash is dangerous, unfortunately he has a lot of fans, don’t know why he can’t play his guitar and can’t sing for shit either. But they are all gun toting asshole republicans.

  12. Helooo !!!
    Ted Nugent is a damn good family man,hunter, musician that belives in the american dream after all.
    He will (sure) take care of you’r rights that belongs to the americans dreams as he go’es further.Think about going to steps forward and one step left and then learn about the history…? Hellooo! Take care of the constitiuton since that is an barrier to every american citizen for the future,belive me.

    As an outspouken advocate for the NRA ,hunter’s right’s & other organizations,he makes a big hope for the people(humans) that can’t organize them self becaurse they need help.Democrates jus’t talk about what they can&will do in the future,when the repuplicans has done it allready whith allowing companys (PRIVATE) to take orders in the community.Everything that is good for our fellows is good enough for everybody,anyway…!

    So to all the Teddy’s out there?
    Such every thing goes on, we still take care of our proudly constitution furher that was made by our forfathers and so on.
    Every body need help’s sometime,example.:
    1.People can mean everything they want,democracy.
    2.People can mistakes,chapter 7 go’es (new start)further.
    3.The constitiution will stand and belong.
    4.Everybody can earn a weapon if their clean enough and dosent’ have any problem whith the law.What is wrong with that dear fellows..?
    5.What’s your problem with health care? Sure everybody will be taken care off in our brand new service system whithout ensuranses.Who else will forget them? The democrates off course.
    6.Wote for the Whackmaster “TED NUGENT ” and other repuplicans in your community right now.

    Robert Mølmesdal
    granbakken 7
    5055 Bergen

  13. Christopher says:

    Robert Mølmesdal,

    ROFL! A great parody piece. Very, very funny and well done.

  14. MAX says:

    Liberals suck. I am ashamed to call myself a Democrat, which I am. Ladies, and gentlemen there is a fundamental difference. I am a “card-toting redneck” of the NRA. I am not a freak, a gun nut, or against the fundamentals of unlimited personal freedom. I like all LEGAL Americans have the right to beieve what I want to believe, and so do you. What I will not tolerate is someone telling me my beliefs are wrong. What we as Americans-excuse me humans need to do is agree to disagree with certain issues. Liberals preach, scream, yell, and attempt to legislate tolerance. It is time that Liberals do that, or you’re all really just a bunch of hippocritical morons that Republicans make you out to be. Ted Nugent is an entertainer. Does he have radical views? Yes, absolutley. But what I find intresting is that Liberals criticize him for standing up for what he believes in. There is nothing wrong with that. It is called free speech. It’s in the Bill of Rights, look it up. The right to bear arms is second. When our nation’s founders drafted this document, they must have thought it was pretty important to the saftey, well-being, and longevity of this nation, and it’s citizens. Hillary, and Obama champion the ideals to take YOUR constitutional rights away. This is what Nugent is protesting (again first amendment-look it up). If you actually took time to read this I hope you are able to reflect with an open mind not only to the issues I’ve mentioned, but also think of the rights of others. After all that is what a Liberal is concerned with isn’t it?

  15. John P says:

    Ted nugent used the words “suck on this” directly aimed at the democratic candidates and their beliefs and their supporters, it was tasteless and outright dangerous as many hotheaded fans and ‘others’ can easily interpret it as it is: a call to cause harm and an/or indifference if said harm is committed, only KKK types and extreme fundamentalist militia or pseudo christian factions will feel this type of ‘elemento’ is their speaker and ideologue. I myself am a gun enthusiast and support the NRA in its defense of the 2nd amendment, but definitely not its coddling to religious extremists and intollerant and biased agenda, and some of it’s ‘spokepersons” I have a duty to support integral comprehensive health care, the right for a woman to choose, stem cell research, separation of church and state, keeping our schools from becoming a western version of “Mahdrassas” (trying to teach that dinosaurs lived with people–pleeaasse!!) , Illegal occupation and foreign “nation building must be stopped! We are failing to deliver democracy abroad and this ‘junta’ is undermining it at home!! and I do not see a substantial threat to gun ownership, so the balance as far as I am concerned is tipped–Regime change NOW!!!

  16. Dear Christopher,
    it was a joke,you see.
    Most of it was bullshit and funny and you eat it as rofl !
    My point of wiew is democracy.If it ain’t fun I’m outta here,case closed. I mean who the hell else could conceivably come up with “TED NUGENT” for chrisakes!
    Ted Nugent makes dinner music for fun gluttons whith a lot of opinions and i love it.
    I’m only a guitar player from Norway that loves United States of America and the free press over there,you see.
    Whitout negatives,there is no positives.

    A big greasy THANX to you after all…!

  17. Jessica says:

    Good grief! Did you people even listen to the actual video and what Nugent actually said? Of course not, you just commented on what you heard he said in Rolling Stone. Try getting your facts straight before you open you mouth and show how ignorant you really are.

  18. What is wrong with this website,helooo?
    Is seventeen answer the limit on this site or what?
    I wanna go further but it’s hopeless.
    Mvh Robert Mølmesdal

  19. Well,well Jessica,
    don’t forget (forgotten) you’r medicine before jumping into bed.
    Sure we saw it, and everything else in/on media.
    You’r damn funny funny after all, don’t take this forum seriously.
    Best Regards
    Robert Mølmesdal

  20. Lil Mama says:

    Well boys, from my experience, men who need guns and fast cars are trying to make up for nature’s shortcomings – if you get my drift.

    They were handed a tiny pee-pee and they so fucked up from the trauma of the reality that the roar of a 350 under the hood or gun talk makes them feel like real men.

  21. California Dreamin' says:

    Nugent is pure trailer park white trash.

    I remember seeing him interviewed on the Outdoor Sports Network and he was chortling away about the joys of going on canned hunts.

    He’s a fucking douchebag except a douchebag is smarter.

  22. Whow…!
    Thanx (‘ks)for being smart enough honey.
    Take the pin off the grenade and wait into what happen’s.. ?
    Free speach & free press is our security (barrier )to defend the constitution.
    Mvh (Regards)
    Robert mølmesdal

  23. Matteo says:

    This is a riot! Nugent is a boardmember on the NRA. The NRA bestowed an award in 2006 on convicted bathroom blowjob senator Larry Craig. I wonder if Nugent attended the banquet?

    At a May 2006 banquet, the NRA lavished its highest honor on Senator Larry Craig of Idaho.


    You can see Senator Craig receiving the award at the annual NRA banquet here.

    “You allowed me the maneuvering room to accomplish what we have been able to accomplish,” said the “freedom fighter” with a “wide stance” in washroom stalls.

    Craig received the “Harlon B. Carter” Award for being the point man for the NRA on Capitol Hill, but specifically for guiding through Congress a bill that gave the gun industry unprecedented immunity from lawsuits. In short, Craig made it easy for gun makers to reap profits without bearing responsibility.

    We should note that at the 2007 National Rifle Association convention in St. Louis, Senator David “Hooker” Vitter held a special news conference with the NRA that they still make available on their website. Ain’t that cool?

  24. tom says:

    fuck hildo clinton hope her plane crashes

  25. mp says:

    im at a loss for words stumbled across this site and u people make me sic america was once great u piece of shit obama cock smokers are just trying to help in the downfall of everything this once great country was and can be again
    ps nra = freedom

  26. wha says:

    rolling stone need to get off Obamas sack for a minute. Nugent didnt say he was gonna kill anyone

  27. ROBERT OAKLEY says:


  28. concerned says:

    First, let me say… I could not care less what Nugent says, he can say anything he wants, its America remember. That said, I also couldn’t care less what happens to Osama Obama or the Clintons as long as they don’t become president. Perhaps all of you less than stupid liberals can stuff them in the baggage compartment of the 747 you take when you move to Africa or China or someplace like that. I’m not a rich man, but I’m sure I could come up with a few plane tickets for some of you, one-way, of course…..just to do my part. Now, about the guns, I have many….even the “dreadful” assault type…lol. I have never killed anyone nor do I plan to. However, if any of you would like to try to take them from me, I’m afraid I would have to dispatch you to hell immediatly. I’m very serious about this. After the previous Clinton years when our rights were vigorously attacked, I resign myself to fight to the death for my 2nd ammendment. You will get nothing but thousands of rounds of ammo in your liberal asses if you fail to respect my rights. Good day to all

  29. Trippy libby says:

    My god, born again the lot of you, Ey?

    Hopefully there will be a nice cosy padded cell waiting for you, once Obama is elected precident..
    There you may await the rapture, in safe distance from the good hard working americans trying to resurect the US of A from the craddle of filth it has been put in by those INSANE administrators currently in office..

    PS: Let Nugent be.. He´s just a sad idiot…

  30. kitty white says:

    I almost spilled my bowl of cream when I read and saw what ted said.

    When I read some of the posted comments regarding his statements the bowl turned upside down. Why do people hate? The words stupidity and ignorance come to mind. While most republicans claim to be Christians, I have wonder why they are so hateful. Is the bible not a book of love and forgiveness?

    I believe that their version of history is a lie strait from the pit of hell. This country was raped by self righteous white people a few hundred years ago. They stole the land from the native Americans and then stole Texas and California from the Mexicans. And yet white trash Americans like Ted still think that they have the right to exist. I wish he would just die. Child molesting white trash fool.

    Regardless of what you think about the democratic party, I do believe that most if not all republicans are white trash idiots that believe in being proud of their accomplishments. Mental note: the bible says that God hates pride. So much for the south…I think we should burn it down again! Tee he he he…ha ha ha ha ha..

    So no matter what you think, we do have a new president. While some of you are too stupid to understand that that comment please let me explain: I don’t care how many guns you have because you are all going to have to conform or die. It really is that simple you dumb white trash idiots.

    To those of you that understand what I’m saying…Hello Kitty and Mimi…La la la.


    Kitty White


    Kill Ted!

  31. Yellow says:

    Your all dick sucking Obama fans. Your all stupid because he wants to take all our freedoms away. You all will see. Plus a man has the right of freedom of speech even if he is insane. Its just whatever he says is bullshit. You all can keep complaining but it just means that your all democrats that are just plan old crying little pieces of shit. You all can complain about what I said but its true. Kiss Obamas ass more.

  32. Lizard says:

    He never threatened to kill anyone. Nugent made “STATEMENTS.” God, don’t you panty waste idiots have better things to do that make up false statements about Nugent? Nugent said “OBAMA, HE’S A PIECE OF SHIT. I TOLD HIM TO SUCK ON MY MACHINE GUN.” Where in there did Nugent say he was gonna KILL Obama? Obama is a piece of shit. And as for Hilary, Nugent said “HEY HILLARY, YOU MIGHT WANT TO RIDE ONE OF THESE INTO THE SUNSET, YOU WORTHLESS BITCH.” Where in there did he say he was gonna KILL Hilary. He didn’t. Have you ever heard the term “RIDE OFF INTO THE SUNSET?” Ya it means that it all ended will. So if Hilary rides off into the sunset, that would be great!! And she is a bitch, so what is the issue here? I agree with Nugent on all his beliefs. Why? Because I am an American who believes that the UNITED STATES of AMERICA is my country and any piece of shit who thinks they are going to make me a sitting duck by taking away my guns can kiss my ass.

  33. Lizard says:

    Kitty White you hypocrite!! You say, “why do people hate?” then you turn around and say you want Ted dead. It is clear that you are a racist hispanic. You bitch that this country was raped by self righteous white people a few hundred years ago, saying they stole the land from the native Americans and then stole Texas and California from the Mexicans. There have always been wars over land. But I ask you this question, just what exactly does what happened two hundred years ago in this country have to do with Ted Nugent, Obama or Hilary?

  34. nickwolf says:

    Ask Ted Nugent? Are you insane? Why not ask Iggy Pop?
    Neugent is a talentless speedfreak bad guitarist, who likes underage groupies by the truckful. He used to shot out ( with arrows) chandelers inside theaters, showering his audiences with real broken glass shards.
    Bullcrap he didn’t do drugs….plenty of them!
    He’s also a draft dodger!
    Since I agree with him on the last two, those are o.k.,but don’t call him a conservstive….call him a paranoid sketsophrenic.
    He once played at a “Get High on Yourself” concert for Robert Altmans penence show for sentence reduction. He was so high they had to cut other acts audiences into the show. Afterwards he and Altment had a party in the balcony with a cake that had a 100 dollar rolled bill and a vial of coke on top.

  35. nickwolf says:

    Unstable people should not have guns.
    The Constitution allows for the States to have Millitia’s and the right to carry arms. That doesn’t mean that Paranoid people with unstable personalities should have any access at all. After hearing the statements here, there are plenty who should have their guns taken, not because of the Constitution, but by the Gun laws that are “the law of the land” like George Washington said to the Whiskey Rebellion, before he took a 1200 man millitia into Penn. and put them down at tip of bayonnett and cannonball.
    This was the first time a President used the Militia men to put down insurrection. They also tried to use the slogan of the Boston Tea Party, but President George Washington said ” this is not a law passed by the King of England, it is a law passed by the representative Govt of the United States therefore ” It is the law of the land” Remember in the Constitution the President is the head of all Millitia’s
    This action was the response to the letter Jefferson wrote him where he said ” The tree of liberty needs to be watered…..) So you see, Tea Baggers, you got that all wrong as well. Washington, would see your actions as Treason!
    Not your right of free speech, but your actions of shouting down and scaring old people at town halls. Burning an effigy of Washington would have gotten you a cannon ball up your arse.
    Andrew Jackson, however, would have slapped your face and shot you at thirty paces…but cowards just like to scare old people and kids. A field of honor would scare the shit out of you.
    What a joke you are for saying you would shoot it out with true Americans….Ha Ha …you would piss your pants and come out like a puppy!


  36. oboma hater says:

    fuck obama. i wish he and his kids go down in a ball of fire next time there are in af1.. damm niggers

  37. Lizard says:

    Saying that you want someone to suck on your machine gun is not threatening that persons life. Now had Ted said,”I want you to suck on my machine gun while I pull the trigger”, that would be a bit more threatening, but Ted is still not saying he is GOING TO KILL THE PRESIDENT. He is only making a statement. Learn the law people. That is why nothing has happened to dear sweet lovable Ted. You go Ted, you have my vote. Actually, you should run for President!!!

  38. Freedom says:

    WTF happened to freedom of speech o.O

  39. joe simone says:

    obama ia a liar. anyboby who believes his b.s. about his energy policies being responsible for producing more oil in 2010 then was produced in each of the last 7 years is a brainwashed dumbass. and then there is obama care. unconstitutional.

  40. MOST POWER says:

    I hope he dies. He does not have more power than me. I will not help him with terrorists. They don’t care who I am.

  41. David Welsh says:

    That isn’t a threat. A statement and hypothetical if the two tried to deny his inalienable rights as an American which is completely legal. Don’t act stupid sheeple learn history.

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