Iglesias: “I think all roads lead to Rove.”

In an interview with the Albuquerque Tribune, fired U.S. attorney, David Iglesias, confirmed what most people have thought all along.

Left without an office, David Iglesias conducts interviews at home. He carries a stack of folders and papers as he shuttles between the family computer in his bedroom the kitchen and the back patio.

“I think all roads lead to Rove,” said Iglesias. “I think that’s why the president is circling some pretty major wagons around him to keep him from testifying under oath, which subjects him to criminal prosecution.”

He says President Bush’s top adviser, Karl Rove, should face obstruction of justice charges if certain things Iglesias assumes to be true can be proven. Specifically: Bush’s political architect directed Iglesias’ firing because he refused to rush the indictment of a former state Democratic powerhouse, Manny Aragon, ahead of last year’s elections.

He calls the Bush administration a “major disappointment” and compares it with an airliner in a culture where no one dares question the pilot, who is flying straight into a mountain.

Iglesias is one of the nine U.S. attorneys fired by political operatives in the Department of Justice and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

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14 Responses to Iglesias: “I think all roads lead to Rove.”

  1. Rachel says:

    Get Rove before the Senate Judiciary and under oath. He must be held accountable and Bush cannot be allowed to make some outrageous claim that Executive Privilege applies to him. All Rove is, is a political advisor – not Secretary of State and not the Attorney General.

  2. California Dreamin' says:

    Iglesias is the first time I can ever recall feeling sympathy for a Republican.

    Maybe this will teach civil servants a lesson: don’t align yourselves with the GOP because they lack integrity and honor and they can never be trusted.

  3. Mark says:

    When did politics factor into the workings, hirings, firings, etc., of the Dept. of Justice? This was the last entity that hadn’t been poisoned by partisanship and now it’s sunk too. Another victory for the Bush junta.

    Impeach them all!

  4. We keep seeing Rove get fingered for this and that, but does anyone expect the man to ever go down? I’m getting so damn pessimistic about the whole thing…

  5. Randy Arroyo says:

    Rove’s past is so littered with political wrong-doing and lawbreaking that even George Herbert Walker Bush was afraid to bring him onboard as a poltical advisor when he was being opposed by Bill Clinton. Now, when the leader of the Bush family crime syndicate waves off any involvement and help by a man because of his checkered past, you know the man is radioactive. Rove belongs in jail. Not roaming around the Oval Office ordering Gonzo to fire of US attorneys.

  6. Bagley says:

    Why is this even a story? These people serve at the pleasure of the President.

    President Clinton fired 93 U.S. attorneys when he took office.

    These U.S. attorneys can be fired for any reason, or no reason at all.

  7. Larry says:

    There isn’t a thing this government does that doesn’t originate from Rove. Rove is the most powerful person in the U.S government, and the most evil.

  8. Harry says:

    If the politicization of the Justice Department doesn’t stop, I fear there will not be a USA in another 20 years.

  9. TomCat says:

    Get Rove and Gonzo before the committee at the same time. That way they can have memory failure in harmony.

  10. mirth says:

    Bagley, I gotta hand it to you for pluck. Hanging onto the ‘Clinton did it’ thing takes determination and focus. But. Targeting US attorneys to advance a political position and to interfere in on-going investigations is wrong. it isn’t wrong because Liberals say it’s wrong. it’s wrong because Law says it’s wrong.

  11. Bagley says:


    So I take it then, that in total none of the 93 attorneys fired by President Clinton were involved in “on-going investigations?”

    I suppose then that President Clinton fired them because they were lazy.

  12. Jim says:

    Clinton dismissed attorneys at the beginning of his administration, not because he was about to be caught in political wrongdoing.

  13. feminazi says:

    Bush won’t let Rove come to the Senate Judiciary. He’ll claim Rove is protected under Executive Privilege and refer the matter to the SCOTUS to decide. Trust me, Rove is as protected as Bush.

  14. stradella says:

    Rove is a wus and the best place for him
    is in a Federal prison with all the rest of
    the lawbreakers. Gee wiz. Imagine Bush
    without his brain! ROFL!

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