$500 Million for the Bush Presidential Library?

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Bush loyalists are busily at work planning to raise upwards of $500 million to build a presidential library for Poppy and Barr’s little precious on the SMU campus in Dallas, TX.

What’s remarkable is, spending a half trillion dollars on a library for a president who has accomplished so little.

The New York Daily News reports:

Eager to begin refurbishing his tattered legacy, the President hopes to raise $500 million to build his library and a think tank at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Bush lived in Dallas until he was elected governor of Texas in 1995.

Bush sources with direct knowledge of library plans told the Daily News that SMU and Bush fund-raisers hope to get half of the half billion from what they call “megadonations” of $10 million to $20 million a pop.

Bush loyalists have already identified wealthy heiresses, Arab nations and captains of industry as potential “mega” donors and are pressing for a formal site announcement – now expected early in the new year.

But planners believe hometown and Texas pride will outweigh any drag from Bush’s diminished political fortunes. “The money will be there,” a senior Bush adviser said. “The President is very popular in Dallas and the library will be great for the city and SMU.”

There’s another major inducement for potential donors: Their names aren’t required to be made public.

What on earth could possibly justify spending $500 million dollar on a presidential library for the incurious and unaccomplished George Bush and what would they put in it? A copy of The Pet Goat? An 8-by-10 of picture of Jeff Gannon? A chunk of the World Trade Center? The toppled statue of Saddam Hussein? Surely, all of these items could fit nicely in a singlewide mobile home, parked on a dusty road in Crawford, TX?

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10 Responses to $500 Million for the Bush Presidential Library?

  1. Mark says:

    Anonymous mega-donors, who will fork over $20 million each? Very curious. I would think at least one such donor will be Bush’s daddy’s pal, Rev. Sun Yong Moon. He helped build daddy’s library at Texas A&M University.

  2. Brigadoon says:

    If people in Texas had a brain, instead of funding the brat’s library, they would be using their wealth to create a legal defense fund to use when charges are brought against Bush for violating the US Constitution and being a war criminal. Mounting an effective defense against such dark and far reaching charges will be very costly.

  3. feminazi says:

    Where will Cheney’s presidential library be built? After all, he’s the de facto president.

  4. Matteo says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach.

    Bush stood in Jackson Square in the heart of the French Quarter, and was forced to admit his administration had failed to respond adequately to Hurricane Katrina, which killed hundreds of people across five states, and for this he’s reward with a $500 million dollar library?

    Bush lied the country into war, shaping intelligence and creating threats where none existed to draw our former allies into the conflict, and for this he’s rewarded with a $500 million dollar library?

    Outrageous, disgusting and criminal. They should build a jail instead with his name on it and put him in it for the rest of his natural life.

  5. Brigadoon says:

    No, reopen Abu Ghraib and send Bush there on a one-way ticket. He deserves only the best the world has to offer.

  6. ChiTOM says:

    A $500 million dollar exercise in sheer vanity.

    While reading this thread I was forced to recall the momuments scattered throughout the former USSR and China to the likes of Lenin and Mao. Fellow despots who caused death and destruction to their people and their neighbors.

    All I know is, they had better have security at Bush’s library because we all know what happened to his wax likeness in Las Vegas. It wasn’t pretty according to the curator.

  7. Brigadoon says:

    Matteo, I remember that day as well. Bush is a common liar and if his supporters haven’t figured this out by now then they’re hopeless.

  8. thimk pimk says:

    Poppy should just ask one of the Saudi sheiks to pay for the entire thing. I mean, they owe him, big time and most Americans are so clueless they won’t even question the funding stream for the kid’s lie-berry.

  9. Harry says:

    I plan to do my part and contribute $100 of Monopoly money. May they spend it well.

  10. Jim says:

    GAG me!!!

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